Report: Tax Authorities Target Board Members

16 December 2015

We are pleased to present you with a report on penal fiscal liability of persons in charge of financial matters at business entities, prepared by the experts of the Litigation Team of Crido Tax and and Crido Legal. The report is the result of the analysis of final and binding rulings of common courts of law issued in 2014 and in Q1 2015.

The report will answer the following questions:

  • what were the functions of the persons found liable for penal fiscal crimes and fiscal offences?
  • what was the most common legal form of the business entities where the persons charged were
  • employed?
  • what were the most common charges?
  • what was the result of the proceedings and punishments imposed by the court for  penal fiscal
  • crimes and offences?

We believe that the report will be an interesting read and that the charts and statistics prepared by Crido Taxand and Crido Legal will help you understand the issues discussed.

Andrzej Puncewicz

Managing Partner
Tax Advisory Services

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Jakub Ziółek

Managing Partner
Crido Legal

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