The Public Sector

The consulting team for the public sector is a group of experts with expertise and experience in tax, accounting, finance and law as well as acquisition of European funds.

We advise public sector entities (local authorities, state administrative and budgetary entities as well as municipal companies) on legal matters and issues such as taxation, public-private partnership, acquisition of funds from commercial banks and the European Union. The scope of our consulting services also includes public consultation projects and participatory budgeting. We implement training courses for public sector employees.

Depending on our customers’ needs, we combine the competences of our experts who, working as part of interdisciplinary teams, provide comprehensive assistance to customers in various fields of their operation.

We effectively support public sector entities in solving their problems, indicating ways which help them build effective and secure solutions in the following areas:


  • Preparation and implementation of investment financing models enabling minimization of non-deductible VAT cost (investment in schools, pre-schools, service roads, cycle paths etc.)
  • Verification of the possibility to recover VAT for not time-barred settlement periods
  • Implementation of effective settlements based on VAT coefficient
  • Assistance in verification and correct determination of real estate tax liability, including past settlement periods
  • Assistance in determination of tax effect of assets’ sale, in particular real estate
  • Support in the course of tax audit and tax proceedings and conducting court and administrative proceedings before an administrative court, including Supreme Administrative Court of Poland


  • Structuring of investment project transactions, with particular focus on off-budget financing methods, including organization of revenue bonds issue program
  • The Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Debt restructuring
  • Interest rate risk hedging strategy and exchange rate risk strategy in investment project transactions


  • Preparation and implementation of solutions enabling and facilitating public consultations
  • Preparation and implementation of solutions enabling and facilitating creation of participatory budgeting
  • Current advisory on legal and administrative as well as procedural issues

European Funds

  • Assistance in the acquisition of EU funds from initiatives such as JESSICA, as well as national programs, e.g. NFOŚiGW (The National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund) or NCBiR (The National Center for Research and Development) funds.

Roman Namysłowski

Managing Partner
Tax Advisory Services

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