Financing of Companies

We have unique competencies that allow us to connect commercial, preferential and EU funds financing into an optimal structure. Polish and international companies operating in Poland as well as exporters have a number of financial instruments available to them. Putting together appropriate finance structures, taking into account the right proportion between repayable and gratuitous financial instruments, helps increase the efficiency of an investment.

Our advisory services cover transactions:

  • Where investors are Polish or foreign companies;of clients coming from the public or private sector;
  • In which financing is to be designated towards investments, reinvestments or current operations;associated with the financing of new investments in the form of investment projects;
  • Being carried out between the public sector and the private sector, including PPP;
  • Associated with financing company development through the acquisition of other companies;
  • Relating to export financing and foreign investments;
  • In which our clients secure financing from banks, institutions distributing EU funds, investment funds, insurance companies, multilaterals, lease companies and export credit agencies.

We advise clients:

  • In the refinancing of financial obligations in order to secure more flexible contractual provisions or to improve price terms;
  • In refinancing aimed at consolidation of dispersed financing;
  • In the securing of financing for the performance of new investment projects (project finance);
  • In the securing of financing for capital intense investments based on operating companies (structured finance);
  • Planning to secure financing in order to take-over another entity (acquisition finance);carrying out export contracts (export finance, project export finance);
  • Expecting independent verification of received finance proposals;
  • Awaiting strategic financial advise relating to the development of a development finance strategy;
  • In the preparation of business strategies as well as restructurization plans;
  • In debt restructurization by way of renegotiation of financing terms with creditors.

Michał Gwizda

Managing Partner
Business & Innovation Consulting

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