Once again Crido confirmed its number one position as advisor in R+D and innovation

For the second time in a row Crido takes a leader position in 9 categories regarding R+D and innovation. The FUNDUSZE EUROPEJSKIE magazine prepared its second ranking of EU funding advisors in respect of the EU 2014-2020 financial perspective, and Crido again received high accolades.

Our Business & Innovation Consulting team advising clients on obtaining EU funds for innovative projects took the lead in the following key categories:

  • Leader in R+D projects, as by the value of subsidies and the value of projects receiving such subsidies
  • Leader in obtaining subsidies within the Smart Growth Operational Programme, as by the value of subsidies and the value of projects receiving such subsidies
  • Leader in subsidies for large enterprises, as by the number and value of projects and the value of subsidies

We also took the first place in the consultancy market for projects regarding CHP systems within the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme.

The accolades Crido have received confirmed our lead position in obtaining EU funds for R+D and innovation projects. What is more, we have proven that regardless of particularities of the EU financial perspectives, the Business & Innovation Consulting team continues to hold the front-runner status among advisors to the corporate sector. In respect of the EU 2007-2013 perspective, the team topped, inter alia, the FORBES ranking of EU funding advisors not only in its general classification, but also in the "Subsidies for large companies" and "Subsidies for investments" categories. Last year, we outranked our competitors in nine categories in the ranking by the FUNDUSZE EUROPEJSKIE magazine for the EU 2014-2020 perspective, and we continue to perform extremely well in this ranking.

Obtaining funds for innovation or R+D projects is hard and demanding, especially in the current EU perspective, when evaluation criteria are even stricter. With no effective advisor on your side, who can comprehensively manage the project, it is an arduous task to fulfill all requirements on your own and obtain competencies in different areas, be it innovation strategy, intellectual property, R+D or finances. For years now, our Business & Innovation Consulting team has been advising Polish and international companies, and we have managed to obtain funds totaling PLN 5.2 m, out of which PLN 1.1 m for R+D projects, for our clients.It is worth noting that R+D projects, though they have the most funds allocated, are the most difficult to prepare. Thus, we are happy to be ranked a leader in this category for advising on the largest projects and obtaining the greatest amounts of subsidies for our clients, says Michał Gwizda, Managing Partner at Crido, Head of Business & Innovation Consulting team.

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