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Crido Taxand Flash - August 2017

30 sierpnia 2017

In this number:

  • What's next with the list of prerequisite for due dilligence? - The Ministry of Finance has completed tax consultations
  • Split payment from April 1st 2018
  • The business wants a zero rate of excise tax on e-cigarettes
  • Interests cannot be charged for the whole audit period - PAC in Gdańsk on the taxpayers side
  • The Ministry of Finance published opinions on the list of due diligence gathered during the public consultations
  • Attorney General issued guidelines on conducting VAT fraud investigations
  • Due care in VAT: SAC again on the side of the taxpayers
  • Redemption of shares still outside the scope of TP provisions
  • The mere fact of conducting the tax audit does not justify the extension of VAT refund period
  • Trade tax suspended until 2019?

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