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Crido Taxand Flash - November 2016

30. November 2016

In this number:

  • November 23rd, 2016 – the President signed the so-called “innovation capacity law”
  • NFA since March 2017, what about ongoing investigations?
  • VAT revision: the financial industry holds its breath
  • The President signed the Act that introduces amendments to the closed-end investment funds taxation
  • Personal allowance not tax-free for everyone
  • Amendment of VAT Act: changes in area of reimbursement of the excess VAT
  • Tax audit – Never ending story?
  • Controversial tax authorities’ creativity in collecting and evaluating evidence proving non-market behaviour of the taxpayer
  • When „non-loan” becomes a loan
  • European Commission wants to be a “supranational tax authority” – critical voice of the US