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Crido Taxand Flash - July 2017

31. July 2017

In this number:

  • Project of corporate tax changes for 2018, a short guide how to raise taxes without raising rates.
  • License fees not included in tax costs.
  • The new tax amendment also applies to PIT taxpayers.
  • General interpretation on VAT transactions made with credit cards.
  • List of due diligence – the Ministry of Finance has started tax consultations.
  • Super Tax Office for the biggest.
  • NSA in defense of taxpayers – increasingly difficult for authorities to suspend the limitation period.
  • The final model of a simplified report on transactions with related parties (CIT-TP) was published.
  • Anti-optimization law: Transfer prices and expenses for intangible services.
  • Challenges for the E-cigarette industry.

Files to download: