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Crido Taxand Flash - June 2018

30. June 2018

In this number:

  • New versions of CIT-TP and PIT-TP forms after public consultations
  • CIT-TP / PIT-TP - The Ministry of Finance publishes the FAQ.
  • Taxation of technical parts of wind farms with the property tax is getting closer
  • Abolition of the ZUS limit under control of the Constitutional Tribunal
  • The temperature around FE in VAT increases – polish preliminary question before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)
  • A laconic notice sufficient to suspend the period of limitation
  • Polish REITs at the F.I.N.N.ish
  • Costs related to the secondment of employees in the scope of the art. 15e par.1 CIT?
  • Due diligence also possible in fuel industry
  • Will split payments divide entrepreneurs?