Who we are

A good atmosphere within the team is as important as the high quality of our work – which is why we are flexible and open in our everyday relations and do not adhere to corporate structures.

At Crido Taxand, we discover the natural predispositions of our staff and take note of their talents. Thanks to the diversity of the projects and the lack of hermetic divisions, our employees have the possibility of participating in varied projects for the largest Polish and international companies, as well as constant professional development. We offer participation in numerous training courses, cooperation with experienced advisers and international contacts on projects within the Taxand network.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for people for whom their work is also their passion, those who are open-minded, bright and hard-working. Those who are constantly searching for new solutions, determined to achieve their objectives, while being able to cooperate and open to dialogue.

We would be very glad to see people with broad perspectives in our team, those able to bring added value to the company.

If you see your professional career in consulting and would like to join our team, APPLY.