Reports and books

Report: Tax Authorities Target Board Members

16 December 2015
We are pleased to present you with a report on penal fiscal liability of persons in charge of financial matters at business entities, prepared by the experts of the Litigation Team of Crido Tax and and Crido Legal. The report is the result of the analysis of final and binding rulings of common courts of law issued in 2014 and in Q1 2015. more

ESG analysis of companies in Poland

We invite you to read an English version of a report published as a result of the 2nd edition of a project “ESG analysis of companies in Poland”, conducted by the Polish Association of Listed Companies, GES and Crido Taxand. It is the first this type of a project in Europe analysing all listed companies with regard to non-financial reporting. more

Poor protection of Polish inventions abroad – Crido Taxand's report

26 april 2014
In 2013 as much as 72% of patents granted in Poland were obtained via European Patent Office. Such route of protecting inventions is mainly the choice of foreign entities, whereas Polish entities apply for patents almost only via domestic route, which grants them protection just in the domestic market - as shown in the Report on patenting situation in Poland - Patents give polish companies a chance to become more innovative, issued by Crido Taxand on Intellectual Property Day (26th of April). more

Taxand Global Guide to M&A Tax 2013

27 June 2013
The Taxand Global Guide to M&A Tax 2013 answers the top questions dealmakers need to consider when undertaking any buy or sale across 35 countries. As well as providing an overview of the raft of legislative change which Governments have introduced over the last year to incentivise M&A activity, our publication highlights the opportunities and pitfalls affecting multinationals globally. more

Taxand Global Energy Tax Survey Report 2013

26 June 2013
Taxand's global energy tax team have bben surveyed to explore how tax conditions are helping, or hindering, the commercial development of the energy sector. This survey focused on exploring 4 key areas impacting multinationals' activities. more

Taxand Global Intangibles Survey

Tax authorities are running out of ways to increase tax revenues. Without venturing into the politically undesirable territory of tax rate increases, intangibles are one of the very few areas left to explore. more

Where to Obtain Financing for R&D in 2013 - a Report in Cooperation with PAIiIZ

The European Advisory Services Team (EAST), in cooperation with PAIiIZ (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency) has developed the 2nd edition of the “R&D Market in Poland – support for research and development activity of enterprises” report. more

What do We Know about Companies with State Treasury Participation

Around 60% of the 200 largest state-owned companies and companies with State Treasury participation do not disclose any important non-financial data – according to a report prepared for the Ministry of Economy by Crido Taxand (operating under the Accreo Taxand name until March 2013 ) and GES Investment Services. more

Over PLN 1 Billion for Municipal Projects

"Repayable financing of urban development from EU funds – the JESSICA initiative” is the first trade publication on the new way of financing investments from funds available through the JESSICA initiative. more