Newsletters and alerts

Newsletters and alerts

Deadlines for the preparation of TP documentation in Poland will be extended / TP documentation obligations will be simplified

On Friday (16 February 2018), Ministry of Finance published a statement on its website about the ongoing works on extending the deadline for taxpayers in the area of Transfer Pricing for FY 2017 and 2018. In particular deadline for: preparation of local and master file, submitting of a statement to the tax authorities about the preparation of TP documentation as well as preparation of CIT-TP / PIT-TP report, will be extended by 6 months (for both FY 2107 and 2018). more

Crido Taxand Flash - November 2017

30 listopada 2017
In this number: Taxation of the dividends from Poland to be called on the Ministry of Finance’s carpet, Tax loss as tax liability, “expires” after 5 years, CIT Reform – would there be surprises in the Senate?.. more

Crido Taxand Flash - October 2017

31 października 2017
In this number: Sejm passed the bill ratifying MLI Convention, End of debt push down?, European Commission proposes changes to EU-VAT... more

Crido Taxand Flash - August 2017

30 sierpnia 2017
In this number: What's next with the list of prerequisite for due dilligence? - The Ministry of Finance has completed tax consultations, Split payment from April 1st 2018, The business wants a zero rate of excise tax on e-cigarettes... more

Crido Taxand Flash - July 2017

31 lipca 2017
In this number: Project of corporate tax changes for 2018, a short guide how to raise taxes without raising rates, License fees not included in tax costs, The new tax amendment also applies to PIT taxpayers... more

Draft amendments to CIT for 2018 - a brief guide to increasing taxes without raising the rate itself

17 July 2017
The Ministry of Finance has published the draft amendments to income taxes. As announced previously, the proposed draft constitutes a genuine revolution staged under the banner of looking for budgetary revenue. And revolution invariably means a guillotine, which means that some innocent heads will roll – just the first reading of the draft is enough to indicate that when striving to prepare specific regulations aimed at attacking the currently used optimizations, the Ministry of Finance will make the life of ordinary entrepreneurs significantly miserable (in particular the ones that unfortunately “happen” to operate on a much bigger scale than micro- and small businesses.) What seems to be especially striking is being prejudiced against the sector of services and commercial property market (but only its selected parts!) In general, the Ministry of Finance is running an extraordinary campaign of increasing taxes not by way of changing the tax rate (it is still 19 percent), but through raising the taxable base – a much simpler and politically more digestive solution. And 19 percent on the generated revenue (and not on the income) in some industries could be surprisingly close, but that is a horse of a different colour… more

Crido Taxand Flash - June 2017

30 czerwca 2017
In this number: Foreign Company without Economic Substance – next warning of the Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Finance looks at Tax Capital Group (PGK) – another warning against tax optimization, VAT frauds: PAC in Białystok again obstructs a tax authorities aspirations... more

How MLI can impact Polish tax treaties?

June 13, 2017
On 7 June 2017 Poland became a signatory to the Multilateral Convention to implement tax treaty related measures to prevent BEPS (“MLI”). The goal of the MLI is to allow signing parties to amend currently in force double tax treaties (DTT’s) without time-consuming mutual negotiations. more

Crido Taxand Flash - May 2017

31 maja 2017
In this number: Crido Taxand again the best advisor in the field of transfer pricing by ITR, The Minister of Finance and Development warns against aggressive tax optimization using closed-end funds and bonds, Tax optimization with goodwill – next warning of the Ministry of Finance... more

Crido Taxand Flash - April 2017

30 kwietnia 2017
In this number: Ministry of Finance in the fight against VAT fraud. Clearing House IT System (STIR).; Taxation of oxygen for VAT purposes.; Automatic exchange of information on tax interpretations within the EU... more