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Newsletters and alerts

Transfer Pricing in Poland – revolution again?

The draft amendments to CIT and PIT Acts were published on July 16, 2018. The draft legislation introduces many changes for taxpayers, specifically in transfer pricing. Some changes may be recognized as positive by taxpayers, other should be treated as a transfer pricing audits’ facilitation tool for tax authorities. more

Simplified APA for tax-deductibility of I/C service charges – key assumptions revealed during the first Transfer Pricing Forum

April 17th, 2018
Last Thursday (April, 12th) the First Transfer Pricing Forum organized by the Ministry of Finance took place. The TP Forum was a gathering of representatives from tax administration, advisory, business and scientific communities to exchange comments and ideas on recent changes in transfer pricing regulations. The key topic on the agenda was the formal and practical approach toward benchmarking analyses, however other related topics were also raised, including the long-awaited plans of the Ministry of Finance to introduce simplified advanced pricing arrangements’ regulations (simplified APA). more

Crido Taxand Flash - March 2018

31. March 2018
In this number: Explanations from the Ministry of Finance regarding the extension of deadlines for transfer pricing, Transfer pricing and CIT-8 - how to fill in correctly?, New taxes for digital companies... more

Deadlines for the preparation of TP documentation in Poland extended

The resolution of Ministry of Finance on extension of TP compliance deadlines was published yesterday. more

Deadlines for the preparation of TP documentation in Poland will be extended / TP documentation obligations will be simplified

On Friday (16 February 2018), Ministry of Finance published a statement on its website about the ongoing works on extending the deadline for taxpayers in the area of Transfer Pricing for FY 2017 and 2018. In particular deadline for: preparation of local and master file, submitting of a statement to the tax authorities about the preparation of TP documentation as well as preparation of CIT-TP / PIT-TP report, will be extended by 6 months (for both FY 2107 and 2018). more

Crido Taxand Flash - January 2018

31. January 2018
In this number: Double taxation of CFC profits?, Member States will be able to freely adjust VAT rates, Institution of advance pricing agreements (APA) in view of new CIT rules... more

Crido Taxand Flash - December 2017

31. December 2017
In this number: Simplified APA for non-tax-deductible costs – the Ministry announces the "fast track", Amendments to excise tax on e-cigarettes liquid will be assessed by the Parliamentary Committee of Public Finace, The Senate delays the abolition of 30-fold ZUS limitation for a year... more

Crido Taxand Flash - November 2017

30. November 2017
In this number: Taxation of the dividends from Poland to be called on the Ministry of Finance’s carpet, Tax loss as tax liability, “expires” after 5 years, CIT Reform – would there be surprises in the Senate?.. more

Crido Taxand Flash - October 2017

31. October 2017
In this number: Sejm passed the bill ratifying MLI Convention, End of debt push down?, European Commission proposes changes to EU-VAT... more

Crido Taxand Flash - August 2017

30. August 2017
In this number: What's next with the list of prerequisite for due dilligence? - The Ministry of Finance has completed tax consultations, Split payment from April 1st 2018, The business wants a zero rate of excise tax on e-cigarettes... more