Subsidies are the most attractive way of supporting investment in Poland. We advise companies and local authorities on how to obtain subsidies from various sources. We select various types of subsidy instruments in order to select the optimal instrument to be used by our clients, regardless of the type of investment, its location or the size of the legal entity applying for support. The extensive competences of our consultants allow us to recommend solutions which allow to apply for support from several sources at once, which offers the highest probability of obtaining state aid.

We obtain subsidies connected with the construction, expansion and modernisation of production plants, the introduction of new technologies and products, research and development work, the creation of shared service centres, investments in the domain of environmental protection and renewable energy sources.

Our competences in the domain of EU advisory and legal services allow us to assist companies with the application process for obtaining financial support, starting from the identification and audit of investments qualifying for subsidies, through the preparation of the necessary documentation and an appeals process if applicable, until the moment of settling the received subsidy.

Michał Gwizda

European Advisory Services

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