Preferential Investment Financing

We provide services in obtaining preferential debt financing as well as commercial gap financing allowing to complete investments, mainly in the domain of real estate investments consisting in the revitalisation of urban areas and ecological projects (i.e. waste management). Our advisory services include support in the obtaining of financing, including sources such as: the JESSICA Initiative, The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management or export finance programmes of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

As part of our services, we verify the possibility of obtaining financing for our clients and we prepare recommendations for the planned investment in order to increase the possibilities for obtaining financing, as well as prepare comprehensive documentation (i.e. a business plan, feasibility study or financial model). We actively participate in the discussion and negotiation process with the financing institutions and we advise on the completion/settlement of the project.

Due to the nature of the projects, in this domain we cooperate mostly with companies from sectors such as real estate, energy, heavy industry and waste management.

Some of the projects for which our advisers have obtained debt financing include:

  • construction of a shopping centre on post-industrial land,
  • construction of a mechanical-biological municipal waste processing plant as well as a sorting plant for selective collection waste,
  • construction of a municipal waste biological processing plant,
  • construction of a packaging waste recycling plant.

In 2011, the EAST team obtained for its client the first preferential loan in Europe under the JESSICA Initiative, PLN 50 million for the completion of a municipal revitalisation project.

The value of the investment projects for which our advisers have obtained preferential financing exceeds PLN 930 million.

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European Advisory Services

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European Advisory Services

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